Welcome to Norwood Seniors Services Assoc. (NSSA – “Serving Seniors”)

Norwood Seniors Services Assoc. (NSSA – “Serving Seniors”) is a
non-profit charitable organization under the “Companies Act”.

Through fundraising initiatives NSSA has been able to provide funding for recreational equipment, connection to community resources and supports along with sponsorship of a variety of social functions all designed to improve the quality of life for low income senior citizens who reside in subsidized independent living apartment buildings managed by Vista Housing for Seniors.




As a member of Norwood Seniors Services Assoc. you will have the opportunity to be elected to serve on the Board of Directors of Vista Housing for Seniors, in the management of 14 provincially owned independent living apartment buildings for low income senior citizens. Read more


We are seeking applications from community minded people who have a sincere interest in the well-being of senior citizens and in contributing to programs which enrich their quality of life and help to maintain their ability to live independently in an apartment setting. Read more